Design Services

Roof Products, Inc. offers a service (at no charge) on all new projects prior to bid time. This is done at the design stage to assure the minimum amount of reinforcing angles required when utilizing our structural curbs. When your mechanical and structural engineers have 90% or more drawings available, E-mail Roof Products with the architectural, structural and mechanical roof plans. We will then overlay the mechanical equipment onto the structural drawings, plus coordinate roof curb type, installation and locations prior to bid time for actual savings. When plans are out to bid, our Roof Products, Inc. roof plan and roof curb schedules are included. This saves many reinforcing angles that are currently shown on all projects. Our turn around time is no more that (2) days from the time that the consultants email us their drawings. In order to provide this service, all roof curbs must be specified only in 07720 Roof Accessory specifications for one source responsibility.


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